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Damp and moisture is a carpet's worst enemy. Water intrusion that affects a carpet is among one of the most difficult situations a homeowner or a landlord can face, because there is no one procedure in dealing with flooding. It is all on a case-to-case basis, but one thing remains the same: the type of flooding that has occurred, and whether it falls under the categories of sanitary, unsanitary, or black water.

During a Sanitary Flood

  1. Traffic on the wet carpet must be kept to the bare minimum, until the carpet is fully dry, as the latex that holds the backings together becomes quite weak when exposed to liquid. If too many people step on the wet carpet, it will cause delamination. The latex should regain its strength after drying without being touched.
  2. Locate the source of the water and shut it off. If truly necessary, small holes can be punched into the drywall in order to release standing water that has accumulated within its walls. If the source of all the water has not been shut off, then the restoration attempts may be in vain.
  3. After excess water extraction, you can reduce any humidity levels in the room with a dehumidifier and the carpet drying process may go by quicker if you focus fans onto the carpet. It's recommended that you allow the carpet and backing to dry within 1 or 2 days.
  4. If there are any furnishings that can stain or damage your carpet, take them away at once, and contact your nearest professionals for immediate water damage restoration.

Unsanitary Flooding

If the flooding situation is due to dishwater overflows, toilet overflow where urine is present, punctured water beds or water that contains any biopollutants, then it is recommended that the carpet be discarded, for health and sanitation purposes. When unsanitary water is involved, it's definitely recommended that you choose health over preserving a contaminated carpet. When handling items that have been exposed to unsanitary water, do remember to wear rubber gloves, googles and other protective clothing.

In this situation, if there is a person with cuts or open sores, do avoid contact with the floodwater.

Black Water

One of the worst kinds of flooding you can experience, black water is water that contains raw sewage. If there is sea water that has come into contact with the ground, this is also considered black water, and is highly unsanitary. If black water is the purpose for your flooding, the entire facility must be evacuated for your own health's sake. In this case, any attempt to dry or rescue your carpet must be done by seasoned professionals, such as Pettyjohn's.

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