Burst Pipe Damage in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Triangle, Fayetteville & surrounding areas in North Carolina

A burst pipe spewing water in all directions

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Burst pipes in your water system can become one of the most common plumbing problems, in both the home and the public system. Of all the things that can make pipes burst, a consistent problem has been freezing conditions. 

Other reasons why we may need to have an emergency plumber at our beck and call can be due to pipe failure—when the pipes are too old and have rusted away—misuse, or damage. Pipes can be placed under a great amount of pressure through the system, and any fault in the piping will eventually be exposed and broken down. The effects of pipes that have burst can be both dramatic and devastating, not just inconvenient. When it’s in the main system, a burst pipe can cause quite a lot of damage to property, evict people from their own homes and in the worst of cases, even close down sections of towns and roads for days. This can leave people high and dry, without any water.

Burst Pipes Leaking

Burst pipes are a major inconvenience, especially now that we have a large population boom, especially in overcrowded cities. To cope, we have complicated plumbing systems in our homes such as waste disposals, boilers, and we can even route pipes to suit our gardens. So when a pipe bursts at home, it’s simply a most unfortunate thing that can happen to your plumbing system. It isn’t only the cost of the pipe repair, or even the loss of the water while the pipe is being fixed, but it’s mostly about the sheer amount and cost that water damage can cause.

Burst Pipes Water Coming Through Light

If the pipe that bursts is located in the ceiling or floor, it can be quite some time before it’s noticeable, and all too often, tragically, the first sign is when the water flows in a torrent, or the drywall has become damp, or there are mold spots everywhere.

The amount of water that is lost from a pipe bursting in your house can be as much as 400L, and that’s 2 full baths’ worth of water lost. This means that if you were away for a full day, you could have up to 9,600 liters of water in your house from burst pipes. To prevent water from being wasted, this is another reason why we must advance by using a water protection valve to solve the damage that results in the use of an emergency plumber.

The most likely culprit of burst pipes in a home will come from frozen temperatures, and unprotected piping. This occurs when you fail to have the correct heat in your home, including the excluded areas. A pipe typically bursts when frozen, due to the expansion of water as it turns to ice. This, unfortunately, places a lot of pressure on the pipe from the inside, and one way or another, something has to give. And usually, the pressure becomes too much for the soft, pliable plastic or copper piping. Sometimes, these breaks can appear at the weaker joints, or perhaps in the middle of the pipe. As much of the piping is hidden in walls, flooring or roof spaces, the resulting damage can be absolutely catastrophic.

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