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growing mold after water leaking

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Our primary goal at Pettyjohn’s is to provide you with a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Water damage and damp environments can pose the threat of mold growth in your residential or commercial property which can lead to issues for both your property and your health, if it is not addressed right away. Mold remediation before and after Mold can grow anywhere but it doesn't require a lot of moisture to aid in the growth of mold colonies. If mold colonies develop, it won't take long before they can start eating away at your property and the mold will tackle any and everything from your textiles and furniture to your floors, drywall and ceilings. Mold can also release spores containing toxins which is dangerous to human health.

If you happen to find mold growing in your property, DO NOT try to clean it yourself. Mold removal is one thing you want to leave to the professionals. Bleach can worsen the present mold and you can't get rid of all the mold spores in the air without specialized equipment and training. At Pettyjohn's, our professional technicians have the knowledge and equipment to locate all mold and water damage, extract water, remove damaged materials, dry out and to repair all water and mold damaged structures on your property. We also offer 24/7 emergency restoration and mold remediation services, so no matter what time it is when you find mold growth, you can call us to inspect the property and begin working. 

If you notice mold growth on your property, don't wait to have the damage assessed. At Pettyjohn's, we understand the dangers mold can cause, and we know how to safely and effectively remove mold quickly and efficiently. Contact us today at 919-336-1416 to schedule an inspection and cost estimate for emergency mold remediation in Wake Forest, North Carolina and surrounding areas.